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Non-Sexual Massages

For therapeutic non-sexual massage in Calgary, AB, J Willa Healing & Mobile is the company to call. We have a team of highly skilled therapists that can have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in no time at all.
We select our team members based on their unsurpassed skills and their friendly and courteous demeanor, and we ensure they stay fresh with regular training and education. Our massage therapists are excellent communicators—just let them know if you would like them to adjust the pressure or technique of your massage, and they will be happy to oblige.
Deep tissue massage works wonders for troubled or sore spots on the body. It involves slow, intentional strokes, placing pressure on various muscles, tendons, and joints to relieve stiffness and pain. Our deep tissue massage services can be tailored to meet your individual needs, and sessions start at just $50. We have four enlightening massage therapy packages for you to choose from:

  • Basic—We will concentrate on the main stress areas of your neck and shoulders, melting away the tension. This package lasts 45 minutes. 
    • In Studio $75 per hour 
    • Mobile Not Available 
  • Medium—In addition to your neck and shoulders, we will work on your back and arms for added stress relief. This session lasts 60 minutes.
    • In Studio $80 per hour 
    • Mobile $90 per hour 
  • 3 Deluxe—For 90 minutes, we will give you a relaxing full body session, including the stomach, the glutes, the face, and the feet. 
    • In Studio $115 per hour 
    • Mobile $120 per hour 
  • Extra Pampering—For a full 120 minutes, we will give you the ultimate in relaxation.
    • In Studio $120 
    • Mobile $180
Make therapeutic massage a part of your wellness routine—visit the experts at J Willa Healing & Mobile for regular massage therapy. 

You will soon have the renewed energy and vitality to face whatever the day ahead brings.

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