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Pregnancy can be such an thrilling time—the planning, the baby showers, the glowing skin, the pickles and ice cream—not to mention the profound and wondrous experience of growing a life inside your body. But pregnancy can also bring with it bouts of fatigue and discomfort that can leave a mom-to-be feeling too pooped to pop!
Luckily, we at J Willa Healing & Mobile have certified prenatal massage therapists who can ease the stress and strain that pregnancy puts on your body. Our prenatal care specialist‎ will deliver a maternity massage that is tailored perfectly to your individual needs. We are well trained in proper pre and post pregnancy massage, and we can utilize special pillows and position you so that you will be most comfortable.
Pre-natal massage brings with it similar benefits that standard massage practices do—muscle tension relief, a decrease in anxiety or depression, relief for joint pain—but it has additional benefits as well. Pre-natal massage can improve labor outcomes and support fetus health. The reduction in stress hormones induced by pre-natal massage has even been shown to reduce the likelihood of delivery complications.
You give so much of yourself by bringing a tiny new life into the world. You owe it to yourself to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Let J Willa Healing & Mobile be your go-to non-sexual massage center during your pregnancy. We will take amazing care of you.
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